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Private Investigators Licensing Board Armed Security Officer Certification


  • Day One: 8 hours (9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)
  • Day Two: 5 hours (9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.)


  • 675 Grier Dr. Floor 2, Las Vegas NV 89119

How to become armed:

Only a person who is registered with the PILB and has physically in his possession a hard plastic permanent guard card issued by the Nevada PILB is authorized to take the firearm course. An individual in provisional status is not authorized to take the course.

If you would like to become armed you would need to be employed by a licensee that is willing to sponsor you to take the course. Your employer must add you to their online roster and give you a signed Verification of Employment Armed Security (VEAS) form to take to a Certified Firearm Instructor (CFI) who administers the course.

What the course entails:

The course consists of 2 days of 13 hours consisting of eight hours of instruction and lecture training, practical application and live fire training on: 

  • Carrying, handling and using a firearm safely.
  • Civil and criminal liabilities.
  • Consequences and risks related to carrying and using a firearm.
  • Armed officers duties as an armed guard utilizing Use of Force and Deadly Force in the limitation prescribed by state law.
  • Elements of use of force and scenarios.
  • Advanced firing techniques and fundamentals with the use of your handgun. I.e., drawing from a holster and reholstering, firing from a barricaded position, unconventional/ conventional firing positions (standing, kneeling, prone while utilizing a barricade). 
  • Overview of the structure, process and structure within PILB 
  • Completion of a written exam with a passing score of 75% or better. 

Additionally, instructions on the handgun qualification are facilitated by the Certified Firearms Instructor (CFI) in a firearm laser trainer and live fire range, during which time each person must qualify using a firearm of the same type and caliber as the firearm the person will use while on duty. To get specifics on the outside range portion please refer to NAC 648.346(6).

This course DOES NOT certify you to carry concealed nor does it focus on the use to carry concealed. If you already have a Nevada CCW, and will be carrying concealed as an armed officer for his employment, notification from their current employer will be required. And the individual will need to present their valid Nevada Concealed Carry Permit to the CFI. 

What do I need to bring to the class?

The potential candidate for the armed certification course must bring with them:

DAY 1-

  • Unarmed hard plastic guard card physically in their possession.
  • VEAS form signed by their employer
  • Handgun you plan to utilize while on duty
  • 2 magazines at a minimum
  • Duty belt rigid enough to carry a holster to your handgun and magazine pouch.

DAY 2-

  • Handgun with 2 magazines (minimum).
  • Duty belt, holster, and magazine pouch.
  • Range appropriate attire i.e., Your work uniform would be ideal. (Represent your company with pride, they're sponsoring you). 
  • Minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing protection preferred). 

Once the course is complete:

Our CFI will submit all the necessary paperwork to the PILB office within 5 days of completing the course.

The PILB will then verify the information and update their system to reflect the individual who is authorized to be armed. Then print and mail them a new hard plastic permanent work card which would take the place of their unarmed card.

The armed card will have months printed on the card. A person who wishes to maintain their certification must successfully qualify for certification every 6 months during the designated months indicated on their card.

If a person fails to qualify during any of their designated qualification months, the card becomes invalid and they shall not use a firearm in the course of their employment until they successfully requalify. That does not mean the officer can not work, they just can not be armed. 

Please refer to NAC 648.350 for additional information

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