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Invictus International offers a wide range of security service solutions for government, enterprise, individual, and residential applications. Offerings and/or Partnered Offerings include the following:
  • Static/Roving Site Security – both unarmed and armed, specially trained and supplied for individual and unique residential, business, or other security needs.
  • Secured Courier Transport Service – specialized agents trained in the safe and discreet transportation of valuable cargo, no matter the size or value. Discrete transport of high-value items with consideration for timely delivery.
  • Active Surveillance Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring of security camera systems, with programmed responses as directed by the client, using human monitoring and Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with motion, thermal, and other technologies, dependent on the camera system utilized.
  • State and Municipal Compliance Consultation and Facilitation – For specific clients and their industries, we may provide guidance in forming, instituting, maintaining, and checking mandatory compliance to ensure uninterrupted operations for known compliance needs.
  • Risk and Threat Vulnerability Assessments (Full-scope and Compartmented) – systematically assess the known and unknown risk/threat of individuals, businesses, or operations to build mitigation from the physical environment to the human element to the role of technology.
  • Penetration Testing and “Red-Cell” Operations – provide assessments of operations, computer systems, or physical locations for the purpose of improving security.
  • Emergency Response Planning (Development and Sustainability) – work with an individual company to develop and implement the appropriate plan level for insurance purposes and/or general business practices compliance.
  • Site and/or Logistical Survey – conduct a survey to determine needs and make appropriate plans prior to opening business operations at a new location.
  • Training Event Logistical Support – provide all behind-the-scenes support to make training smooth and efficient.
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Commercial Services – perform drone photography or mapping to support current or future business operations.
  • Start-up and New Market Security Consulting Services – provide consult on emerging markets and their potential security needs and opportunities.

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