Tactical Carbine Series


Fighting Presentation, Loads/ Reloads, Malfunctions/ Stoppages, Threat Engagement/ Assessment, Positions, Barricades, Fight While Wounded, Weapon Transitions, Flashlight Techniques, Low-light/ No-light Searching and Engagement, Shooting on the Move, and Mental Condition of Winning a Gunfight.

– Pistol, Semi-automatic, 9mm, 40 cal, .45ACP (recommended) barrel length is longer than 4 inches
– Rifle, Semi-automatic, .223 Rem/ 5.56 NATO (recommended) rifle length is no shorter than 16 inches (highly recommended)
– Sling, 2 point, or single point (recommended) sling with bungee cord like (highly discouraged)
– Magazines, 3 at minimum pistol and rifle
– Rifle aiming system, spare batteries, and be well knowledgeable with the specification for adjustments
– Handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition; Rifle, 600 rounds of ammunition  (for your gun)
– Holster, belted or paddle, duty or concealed
– Magazine pouch, belt or chest rig mounted
– Belt, must be rigged enough to carry your equipment
– Eye protection (Z87 rated) and Ear Protection (electronic highly recommended)
– Appropriate range and seasonal attire
– Footwear (combat boots or hiking style)
– Hydration, snacks (chow is continuous)
– Hat, baseball cap style
– Shooting gloves, Pilot flight gloves, Mechanics gloves
– Handheld flashlight with spare batteries
– Weapon mounted light on the carbine
– Knee Pads, Elbow pads (optional)

We highly recommend and encourage that you wear your gear in the same manner you would on duty including your protective vest. TRAIN AS YOU FIGHT, FIGHT AS YOU TRAIN. If you have any other questions or concerns in regards to the course please feel free to contact us. If not, we will see you at the range.

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