About us

Established in early 2016 as a means of expanding on the success of servicing choice close/executive protection contracts (outside of the Continental U.S. and in California), Invictus International maintains full-time operations headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, and Orange County, CA. Our operations in Nevada have grown significantly, along with our reputation for being the best security provider for unique clients and their security needs.

Accomplished veterans with over a century of time in service lead our management team. Post-military transition, the managing partners experienced success in multiple sectors, including but not limited to small business, academia, tech start-ups, education technology, legislative bodies, and private security contracting.

The core executive team is composed of retired U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOCOM) military units. SOCOM comprises the U.S. Military’s most specialized units, including the U.S. Marines Special Operations Command (MARSOC – Raiders and Recon), U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), U.S. Navy Naval Special Warfare (NSW – SEALS), and the U.S. Air Force Special Operations (AFSOC – Combat Controllers, Pararescue and other elements). This specialized background allows for nonstandard solutions to unique security concerns and/or situations for the best outcome for the client. Blending standard operating procedures for standardization with out-of-the-box thinking creates very flexible and effective solutions.

Our original mission was to exercise the wide network of MARSOC and SOCOM in a creative employment mixture of full- and part-time and contract-based military veteran team members. Invictus Int’l operated and still operates on lean concepts and collaborates with premier Special Operations Forces Veteran-owned security firms, service providers, and suppliers all over the U.S. to ensure that team members (Veterans) are gainfully employed and constantly honing the valuable skills that form the cornerstone of our competitive advantage. Although we still strive to provide military veterans for projects, we never turn down the opportunity to hire, train, and maintain qualified personnel from all backgrounds who meet the standards and regulations for the project for which they are hired. Also, we use vetted partners who share the common values of honor, integrity, and a commitment to providing the right product and service to our clients, in addition to advancing the Veteran community by creating diverse and gainful employment opportunities.

2019 Gold HIRE Vets Medallion Awardee – Invictus International

The Department of Labor HIRE Vets Medallion Award is the only federal-level veterans’ employment award that recognizes a company or organization’s commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development.

Our Vision

The vision of the company addresses the volatile state of global and domestic security and a market currently underserved by a profit-focused majority. With the current level of insecurity in the U.S. and internationally, clients must rely on a security partner who is trusted to look out for their interest and work to ensure business continuation during disorder.

Invictus International provides balanced and holistic security solutions for the public and private sectors by first obtaining a comprehensive understanding of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities relative to the capabilities, challenges, and needs of the client. The end-user receives the right mixture of experience, technology, training, personnel, equipment, and intelligence to protect tangible and intangible assets relative to the real and fluid specific threat environment.

Guarantee – Invictus Security can provide a systematic examination of your current security needs. Once we understand those needs, we will strive to put together the best, most honest, and cost-effective comprehensive and customized security strategy for your unique needs.

Commitment – We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by ever improving our methods, personnel, and levels of attention per situation requirements. Upon receipt of our client’s security brief, we oversee each job from beginning to end. Regular communication between our clients and us is paramount to ensure continuous operations at the level we are proud to provide – and that the job is completed to exacting standards

Flexibility – As our business increases, so does our client portfolio, which allows us to further hone our offerings. From ongoing security for hotels and other small businesses, to high-profile work for TV companies and celebrities, we constantly adapt our service offerings to suit our clients. As we all know, experience is something you acquire after you need it. We use our vast and varied experience to provide the most flexible solutions to the most difficult problems in the interest of our clients.

Tailored – We take time to understand your security needs and objectives fully, and then put in place the appropriate security arrangements. As we are solution focused, if we cannot find the right skill set available locally, we will work with other security sources/options to do what it takes to get the job done. Custom needs require custom solutions – client satisfaction is our goal.